Welcome to our blog! We are the Ferraros: Katie and Charlie and our daughter Molly who were joined by 3 boy and 1 girl quadruplets Charlie, Claire, Henry and Dillon in January 2016. We are expecting twins in March 2017 (...and then we're done, I promise :)

Our family lives in San Diego, CA where Katie owns a consultant dietitian business and Charlie works as an executive in business aviation. 

We were married in 2012 and hoped to start a family right away. After being diagnosed with infertility, our daughter Molly was conceived via IVF in 2014. We had a much different situation on our hands in 2015 as we went to work on #2...which ended up being numbers 2, 3, 4 & 5 when we found out we were pregnant with quadruplets.

With our much anticipated quads finally here, we think of our family as being "fourtified" because in Katie's world of nutrition, "fortify" means to add nutrients that weren't originally there in order to enhance nutrition. We hope and pray that adding four more kids will make our already-happy family even stronger!

Thanks for stopping by our blog and following our story. And for a little background on our wedding/marriage/how we got together story, check out our wedding highlight video below. Turns out we really meant it when taking those vows about accepting children lovingly from God!