Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

The quads are officially yesterday's news. Our kids welcomed 3 new cousins in the past 3 weeks:

  • Baby Kovey born to Uncle Frankie and Aunt Cece on April 1, 2016, and
  • Babies Griffin and Anna born to Uncle Dave O and Aunt Kelly on April 6, 2016

The babies arrived just in time for National Siblings Day - where we realized our family picture from 9 months ago is now totally obsolete. Since July 2014 when our last family picture was taken, we have added 7 new grandkids for Granny and Papa John - bringing the grand total to 16!


We had an epic family dinner with all of the new babies the other night at my parents' house in Poway. At one point there were 7 different adults feeding 7 different babies! And Molly used the distraction to coerce her aunties into feeding her extra dessert.


The kiddos hit their 3 month mark, and are growing like weeds. We tried out the Bumpo chairs, which Dillon and Henry get, but Claire and Charlie aren't exactly big enough for or really into it.


Developmentally, we have no idea where these guys should be at (but they're probably there :) - however, check it out, they are ALL smiling, and pretty much all of the time. This whole smiling thing totally makes getting up with them twice a night in the middle of the night kind of tolerable.


As far as our adventures for the past few weeks, we took the kiddos to "meet their maker" - our IVF doctor, Dr. Shelly. We relived our "Oh SHIT!" moment at seeing the first ultrasound, and shed a few tears seeing them as four very real (and loud) babies in the very office where they used to be just four dots on a screen.


Aunt Charlotte and her mom Becky came to visit us in San Diego, we went to Mission Bay with the Moll Doll, cousin Gracie came over to feed babies (but only if she can feed Claire) and we basically just kept up the routine of begging people to come help feed and hold these munchkins!


As far as Molly, she is being a good big sister...when she feels like it. We have officially put her on Pacifier Patrol, where her sole goal in life is now to keep her competition quiet.


The plague that hit our household over Easter passed, and the babies are on the mend. We all finally stopped seeping snot out of our eyes, so the End of Days era is behind us. Everyone is more or less back to themselves, except Molly - whose life has forever been changed by her discovery of cookies.


That's about it from San Diego. Good night from our crew and lots of love to our new baby cousins!